• How You Can Benefit from Testing a Home’s Air Quality Before Buying

    Your home inspection should include a thorough indoor air quality test before you officially purchase your new home. This home inspection in San Francisco can tell you a number of features you may not know before buying a house , such as if mold is growing and other dangerous air quality issues.

    You can locate future problem areas. Testing a Home's Air Quality

    Many homes may have certain areas of the house, such as the bathroom, that may be hotspots for the occasional mold growth or bacteria buildup. There may be a ventilation register or section of the HVAC system that has reduced airflow. These are not reasons to back out of buying your dream home. However, they are good traits to know as you go through buying a house, and they can only come with an indoor air quality test. You can then make the decision to remodel those areas after you have purchased the home.

    You can back out before purchasing an unsafe home.

    On the other hand, there are some houses that have a host of problems, including extensive mold growth, gas leaks, plumbing problems, and many more. Unless you are looking for a fixer-upper house, you should not be pulled into purchasing an unsafe home. A thorough home inspector will test the home’s air quality, plumbing, electricity, and all other utilities to ensure the house is safe for you and your family. If it is deemed unsafe or has too many damages, then you can find out before you move in.

    You can learn more about your future home.

    Even though you are likely to receive a lot of history from your realtor or the former owners, there are certain features of a new home that can only be answered with a home inspection. You may find out where there were previous mold problems or if fire and smoke damage had ever occurred. These are just a few of the many benefits you will find when an inspector performs an indoor air quality test.

  • Exploring the Contaminant Testing Process

    Whether you are buying a new house, planning a home renovation, or want to improve the comfort of your home, testing a house’s indoor air quality in San Francisco is a smart decision. These thorough evaluations can alert you to problems that affect the safety of the building’s air, allowing you to address any issues as needed.

    When a house is tested for contaminants such as asbestos, lead, and mold, the process usually involves several steps. First, an experienced team arrives at the home and conducts an extensive inspection, during which the members will search for any areas that could harbor contaminants that might affect the house’s indoor air quality.

    After evaluating all areas of the building, the team will carefully obtain samples of any suspect materials. Next, the samples are sent to a lab for testing and identification. Finally, the testing company will report the findings to you and discuss any recommended treatment or abatement services to improve the home’s indoor air quality.

    Contaminant Testing Process

  • Do You Need Bacteria Testing?

    Although the vast majority of bacteria are not harmful to humans, exposure to the wrong kind of bacteria can make you extremely sick. Fortunately, you can be sure that your family is not exposed to dangerous bacteria by scheduling bacteria testing . The most dangerous bacteria in a home is typically the result of a sewage backup or other plumbing emergency that causes black water to spill out and cover surfaces of your home. Even if you thoroughly clean the spill area, some bacteria can still remain that can lead to serious illness, disease, and even death. Bacteria testing can tell you for sure if the area is clean and safe for your family.

    Whether you’re home has suffered a sewage spill or you’re just concerned about the presence of dangerous bacteria in your home, contact the environmental testing experts at Safe Air Fast. We provide bacteria testing services for residents of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    Bacteria Testing

  • Should You Have a Bacteria Test Before Purchasing a Home?

    When you are getting ready to buy a house , you may want to consider scheduling a full house inspection. A company that offers mold inspection and home inspections in San Francisco can determine whether a house is a safe space for you and your family.

    One of the most important types of test that you may want to schedule before you buy a house is a bacteria test. If bacteria are present in a home after a sewage spill or other type of emergency, the health and safety of your loved ones could be at risk after you move in. Bacteria can cause serious illnesses when they are not treated and properly removed from the home. Fortunately, a home inspector with bacteria testing experience can perform a thorough test for your potential property. By taking a look at whether a house has any bacteria contamination, you can embark on buying a house with total confidence.

    Purchasing a Home

  • Spotlight on Environmental Cleanup Testing

    If an environmental test reveals that your home or business contains asbestos, lead, or mold, you will need to hire licensed abatement or remediation professionals to remove the threat. But after the cleanup service is complete, it’s important to get one more round of environmental testing to ensure that the remediation or abatement contractor was successful and that the threat was completely eliminated from your home or business. If post-cleanup asbestos testing , mold testing, or lead testing reveals that the contractor was unsuccessful, you will have more leverage in requesting that the contractor come back and retreat the affected area.

    In San Francisco, Safe Air Fast is the environmental testing company you can count on for post-cleanup clearance testing. Safe Air Fast provides asbestos, lead, and mold testing services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Bay Area. Call (916) 459-1069 to schedule environmental testing with Safe Air Fast of San Francisco today.

    Environmental Cleanup Testing

  • A Look at Our Bacteria Testing Services

    Bacteria is everywhere, and although a vast majority of bacteria are not harmful to humans, certain kinds of bacteria can make you extremely sick. The most dangerous type of bacterial presence in most households is typically those bacteria that are found in sewage water. That’s why it’s important to schedule bacteria testing and remediation following a toilet backup or burst sewage pipe in your home. In San Francisco, Safe Air Fast provides bacteria testing in accordance with standards established by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

    First, we will take air and surface samples to identify the presence and determine the concentration of harmful bacteria in your home. After you hire a remediation company to remove the bacteria from your home, we will perform a post-bacteria remediation clearance assessment to determine if the cleaning efforts were successful. If we confirm the presence of harmful bacteria after remediation, you will need to consult with the remediator to perform additional cleaning. We will provide you with a copy of our test samples to assist you when dealing with an unsuccessful remediator.

    Bacteria Testing

  • Where Bacteria Is Found in the Home

    If you clean on a regular basis, you probably aren’t concerned about having harmful bacteria in your home. But despite your best efforts, there might be bacteria growing in your kitchen sink, around your bathtub, and even on your toothbrush! Safe Air Fast is a company that specializes in asbestos testing, lead surveys, and bacteria testing serving San Francisco .

    While everyone could benefit from bacteria testing, it can be especially useful for those who have experienced sewage contamination in one or more parts of the home. Black water can carry bacteria that can cause serious health issues. We can test your home for the presence of these types of bacteria, help you perform remediation if necessary, and then conduct bacteria testing again to make sure that all of the harmful bacteria has been removed. When you trust Safe Air Fast with bacteria testing, asbestos testing, or any of our other excellent services, you can count on us to make your home safe again.

    Bacteria Testing Serving San Francisco

  • Bacteria Testing 101

    Every home has bacteria, and many types of bacteria can even be good for you and your family. However, some bacteria can be hazardous to your health. Fortunately, companies that specialize in mold and asbestos testing in San Francisco often can also test for harmful bacteria in your home. To learn about bacteria testing, keep reading.

    Like asbestos testing, getting a bacteria test performed in your home can help to protect your family from health hazards. There are generally two types of assessments that should be made. The first is a preliminary bacteria/sewage assessment. This assessment will check to see if sewage indicator bacteria are present in your home. The other assessment is a follow-up assessment to determine that the remediation efforts were successful. This assessment will take surface samples to make sure there are no sewage indicator bacteria present. If the first assessment was done correctly, your home will be cleared.

    Mold and Asbestos Testing

  • Actions to Take After a Sewage Spill

    If your sewer line becomes backed up or broken, you could be at risk of experiencing a sewage spill in your home. Raw sewage is extremely hazardous to your health, so it is highly important to take all of the steps needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. Immediately following the spill, you should be sure to avoid contact with any contaminated areas. This may mean that you will need to vacate your house. In addition, you should also make sure to dispose of any items and materials that have come into contact with sewage water. In order to make sure that your home has been completely cleared of your sewage problem, you may want to set up bacteria testing serving San Francisco . With the help of a highly rated company offering asbestos testing and mold inspection, you can prevent bacteria and mold symptoms from becoming a hazard in your home.

    Bacteria Testing Serving San Francisco

  • What Are The Dangers of Sewage Contamination?

    A sewer overflow can put you at risk of being exposed to raw sewage. Along with spreading harmful diseases, a sewer overflow can also cause major property damage to your home or building. Sewer overflows can be caused by blockages, breaks in the pipe, or an insufficient sewer capacity. A company offering bacteria testing in San Francisco can help you safely clean up after a sewer emergency in your home. By setting up a bacteria test, you can rest assured that your home has been completely freed of any lingering sewage waste. In addition, your bacteria testing company can also provide you with a mold test in the event that your home experience extensive water damage. To learn more about the dangers of sewage contamination, be sure to watch this video.