Mold Testing in San Francisco

Professional mold Inspection service available in the Bay Area

Any level of mold presence in your home or business can be dangerous to your health. If you suspect that there is mold in your building, it’s important that you contact a mold testing company as soon as possible. Safe Air Fast Environmental provides professional mold inspection in San Francisco, along with asbestos testing, lead testing, and other services. We are Northern California’s preferred choice for mold testing, and we work to provide prompt and quality service to our customers.

Testing for Mold in Your Household

When a mold testing company visits your building, they will begin by taking a sample, either from a surface or from the air. This will allow your mold inspection team to determine whether your environment is conducive to mold growth, whether there is a discernable level of mold in your building, and what kind of mold it is.

  • Air samples. There are a number of ways to test air for mold, but the usual method is to take a spore trap sample. This involves using a sticky surface to capture air particles, including mold spores. Once a sufficient sampling has been taken, the spore trap sample is sent to a lab for mold testing. If mold is present, steps can be taken to remove it.
  • Surface samples. A mold inspection team can also take a sample from a surface inside your building, such as a wall, a floor, or a countertop. There are several ways to take a surface sample. If possible, a piece of the area can simply be removed and tested at the lab. If this is impractical, a cotton swab can be used to take a sample from the area being tested. A piece of clear tape can also be used to test for mold.

Once mold has been identified in an area, a mold remediation and abatement company can remove it. After mold has been removed from your building, you may have it retested in order to ensure that there is no discernable mold presence.

When is Mold Testing Necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, mold’s presence is not always obvious. If you are moving into a new house and notice some of the warning signs of mold—such as water damage or a musty smell—then you may want to have it tested for mold. You should also consider mold testing if you experience nasal congestion, a scratchy throat, irritated eyes, or of the other symptoms of mold exposure. When you need a dependable mold inspection service, contact Safe Air Fast.

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