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Bacteria are unicellular organisms capable of accelerated replication. There are many types of bacteria, most of them harmless and many of them beneficial. However, there are certain types of infectious bacteria that can pose serious health threats. Some of these types of bacteria are associated with black water or sewage intrusion. Bacteria testing and assessment can be performed to identify the presence of harmful bacteria.

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Preliminary Bacteria/Sewage Assessment:

This assessment type is usually performed after black water sewage contamination to determine if sewage indicator bacteria are present. The Preliminary Bacteria/Sewage Assessment includes a comprehensive, customized report detailing our visual on-site observations, interpretation of sampling results, and remediation recommendations based on the category of contamination as outlined by the IICRC in the S-500 and S-520 standards.

Post -Bacteria/Sewage Remediation Clearance Assessment:

The bacteria remediation verification is performed to determine if remediation efforts have been completed successfully. A typical bacteria clearance assessment includes a thorough visual inspection. Surface samples are collected to verify the absence of sewage-indicator bacteria.

  • If the samples indicate the remediation was unsuccessful, it will be necessary to consult with the remediator to perform additional cleaning.
  • It is important to confirm remediation was done properly so as not to impact other areas of the building. If a real estate transaction is involved, the buyer and seller will want proper documentation that the bacteria problem has been resolved.

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