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Why Hire Us

Safe Air Fast is a company dedicated to indoor air quality testing. This is our one and only service, allowing us to focus our resources and efforts on the quality of the air you breathe in your home or office every day. Whether you need asbestos testing, lead testing, or a mold inspection in San Francisco, you can count on us to deliver accurate and timely results, as well as provide guidance if it is necessary to hire an asbestos, lead, or mold remediation contractor to address your needs.

How Our Services Benefit from Our Focus

Safe Air Fast is focused on one service only: indoor air quality measurement. This unique focus allows us to deliver better services, from the quality to our work to the speed with which we can deliver results.

  • We are focused on helping you measure your indoor air quality, rather than trying to sell you a remediation service. This means you can feel confident in our results, regardless of whether our tests discover that your property needs attention or not. We will never exaggerate results to bring additional business, as our only business is measuring the factors that affect the health and safety of your air.
  • Because our only focus is indoor air quality, we have the time and resources to further our knowledge in the fields of mold testing, lead testing, and asbestos testing. We can also direct our full company budget to the maintenance or purchase of equipment specifically for this purpose. Rather than try to split our employees’ attention or our budget to provide both testing and remediation, we are able to focus fully on delivering the very best indoor air quality testing services.

Considerations When Hiring an Indoor Air Quality Testing Company

The quality of your indoor air matters—poor indoor air quality can lead to serious conditions such as mold poisoning, nervous system disorders, and even cancer. At Safe Air Fast, we want to help you create the healthy indoor environment that you deserve. You can reach us to discuss a mold inspection or lead paint and asbestos testing in San Francisco by calling (415) 813-4144.

  • Only professionals with the right certification should be trusted with indoor air quality testing. Don’t hesitate to ask for a company or employee’s certification to ensure you are receiving the very best service from a professional with the right training, experience, and equipment. You should also ask about the accreditation of the labs that will be analyzing samples.
  • Fast turnaround time is essential, particularly when testing leads to the need for hazardous material or mold abatement. Receiving accurate results quickly will reduce stress and waiting when scheduling or managing the abatement process.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • The Preferred Testing Company in Northern California
  • Competent Testing By Certified Professionals
  • We Only Use AIHA EMLAP Accredited Labs
  • Reports & Sample Results Are Delivered Promptly