• Understanding the Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

    Black mold is more than just an unsightly nuisance in your home. When your property is affected by black mold, you and your loved ones could be at risk of developing black mold symptoms. Since black mold spores are highly toxic to humans, prolonged exposure to areas that are contaminated with mold could lead to serious health problems. If you or a loved one are experiencing mold symptoms , you should be sure to set up a mold inspection in San Francisco. To help you decide whether your home is in need of black mold testing, here is a closer look at some of the most

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    common mold symptoms.

    Respiratory Symptoms
    Respiratory symptoms are among the most common indicators of a reaction to toxic black mold . When a person is sensitive to mold, he or she may develop problems breathing, as well as a continual cough. In certain cases, black mold has also been linked to other serious health issues, such as pulmonary edema and asthma. If you or a loved one is having difficulty breathing in your home, you may have a black mold issue.

    Circulatory Symptoms
    Black mold can affect a person’s circulatory system, as well as his or her breathing. Some of the common signs of circulatory issues include low blood pressure, difficulty with blood clotting, or internal bleeding. Since these circulatory problems can potentially become quite serious, it is a very good idea to set up a mold testing appointment at the first sign of black mold in your home.

    Eye and Skin Symptoms
    Exposure to black mold can also lead to irritation around the eyes and on the skin. For example, black mold may cause a person to develop itchy or watery eyes. In addition, repeated exposure to black mold spores can also lead to dermatitis and other skin related issues. If you are concerned about protecting your family from these black mold symptoms, you should be sure to set up a black mold testing appointment today.

  • Black Mold Health Symptoms

    Mold poisoning can cause a variety of health problems. Often, mold exposure can result in allergic reactions. For example, you may experience, sneezing, coughing, or itchy and watery eyes. Additionally, black mold can worsen symptoms of sinusitis and asthma. If you have been experiencing health symptoms such as these at home, you may be eligible for a mold inspection. A company offering mold testing near San Francisco can provide you with a complete and thorough mold inspection for your home. After your mold testing has been completed, you will be ready to start the mold removal process. To learn more about some of the health symptoms of black mold, check out this video from ehowhealth.

  • What Are the Signs of Lead Poisoning?

    Lead is a highly toxic substance that may be found in the paint, pipes, or other construction materials of older homes. To protect the health and safety of your family, it is of the utmost importance to schedule lead testing if you suspect that you may have an issue. During a lead test, a company offering lead testing in San Francisco will evaluate the lead levels of materials throughout your home and property. If lead is identified during the test, you will be provided with more information about how to remove this harmful substance form your property. To help you determine if you need a lead test, read on for a look at some of the signs of lead poisoning.

    Lead Symptoms in Children
    If you are a parent, it is important to know that children are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of lead poisoning . Some of the common symptoms of lead poisoning in children include excessive tiredness, unusual

    Lead Poisoning in San Francisco

    hyperactivity, weight loss or gain, and sleeping problems.

    Cognitive Symptoms in Children
    Along with causing immediate health issues, lead poisoning can also lead to long term cognitive effects in children. For example, lead poisoning has been linked to brain damage and a variety of learning and behavior problems. Additionally, lead poisoning has also been linked to speech impairment, liver and kidney damage, and hearing damage. To determine whether your child has been affected by lead poisoning, you should be sure to visit your family doctor if you notice one or more of these symptoms.

    Lead Symptoms in Adults
    Lead poisoning is also a concern for adults. If you or a family member is suffering from lead poisoning, you may notice symptoms such as headaches, sleeping problems, stomach pains, and unusual tiredness or irritability. Extended lead exposure can also lead to damage to the brain and nervous system. To protect your family from the dangers of lead, you can start by scheduling a lead test as soon as possible.

  • Tips for Choosing an Abatement Contractor

    In the event that asbestos testing at your home signals that you have an asbestos problem, your next step will be to hire an abatement contractor. Your abatement contractor will be responsible for clearing away the asbestos and ensuring that you and your loved ones are not at risk of asbestos exposure. A company offering asbestos testing in San Francisco can help you choose the best abatement contractor for your needs. Before you hire your abatement contractor, you may want to ask the company for a bid or estimate on the services that will be performed. In addition, it is a good idea to ask your abatement contractor about their credentials and qualifications. A fully licensed and insured contractor is the best choice for your asbestos removal procedures. If you are concerned about asbestos in your home, do not hesitate to schedule an asbestos test with a highly rated company near you.

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