• Why Should You Be Concerned About Asbestos?

    There are enough things to worry about in life, especially if you have a family. But as if the list wasn’t long enough, there’s something else you should be concerned about if you aren’t already: Asbestos. It’s true that asbestos was outlawed for residential use in the United States in the 1970s, but there’s no guarantee that homes built before this time have been tested and made asbestos-free. Fortunately, there are air testing companies in San Francisco that can inspect your home for asbestos and make sure your family is safe. What exactly is there to worry about, anyways? Here are just a few of the diseases that can be caused by exposure to asbestos.

    Mesothelioma Concernt of Asbestos

    This cancer, which affects the lining of the lungs and the lining in the lower digestive tract, is almost exclusively related to exposure to asbestos. Tragically, by the time mesothelioma is diagnosed, it is almost always fatal.

    Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer related to asbestos looks the same as lung cancer causes by smoking and other causes. By some estimates, there is approximately one asbestos-related lung cancer for every mesothelioma death. In other words, lung cancer is a very serious and very real threat stemming from exposure to asbestos.


    Another serious lung condition causes by asbestos exposure is asbestosis. This condition causes scarring of the lung that leads to progressively worse breathing difficulties over time, and in some cases can even be fatal. Asbestosis normally occurs after heavy exposure over a long period of time.

    Pleura Thickening

    In addition to asbestosis, prolonged exposure to high levels of asbestos can also cause the lining of the lung (pleura) to thicken and swell. Over time, the lung itself can contract and make it difficult to breath. Shortness of breath and chest discomfort are common with sufferers dealing with pleura thickening due to asbestos.

  • Understand the Dangers of Lead

    Thousands of children are exposed to lead every year, with multiple cases being reported of children being poisoned by lead. Lead poisoning is a very serious condition in young children, as it can cause learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and even lower IQs. Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of lead and why it’s important that you protect your children from unsafe levels of lead exposure.

    To protect your family from the dangerous of lead exposure, schedule lead testing with Safe Air Fast. As San Francisco’s leading residential environment testing company, we can test for the presence of lead, mold, asbestos, and bacteria. Our mission is to identify environmental dangers inside your home that can be harmful to your health and put your family at risk. Call Safe Air Fast today to schedule lead testing or to learn more about our full range of testing services.

  • Do You Need Bacteria Testing?

    Although the vast majority of bacteria are not harmful to humans, exposure to the wrong kind of bacteria can make you extremely sick. Fortunately, you can be sure that your family is not exposed to dangerous bacteria by scheduling bacteria testing . The most dangerous bacteria in a home is typically the result of a sewage backup or other plumbing emergency that causes black water to spill out and cover surfaces of your home. Even if you thoroughly clean the spill area, some bacteria can still remain that can lead to serious illness, disease, and even death. Bacteria testing can tell you for sure if the area is clean and safe for your family.

    Whether you’re home has suffered a sewage spill or you’re just concerned about the presence of dangerous bacteria in your home, contact the environmental testing experts at Safe Air Fast. We provide bacteria testing services for residents of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    Bacteria Testing

  • The Warning Signs of a Home Mold Problem

    Many people live in a home with mold and never realize it. Although some types of mold are relatively harmless in low levels, all molds can cause adverse health effects, with some even causing serious disease and even death for certain people who are exposed to them. That’s why it’s important that you learn to recognize the warning signs of mold in your home so you can contact a mold testing company in San Francisco right away before the problem gets any worse and affects your health or the health of your family. Schedule professional mold remediation if you recognize any of the following warning signs.

    Musty Odors Mold Problem

    Your five senses can be very helpful in detecting a mold problem in your home, none more so than your sense of smell. If you recognize an unmistakably musty odor in your home, or even in a specific room or section of your home, schedule most testing right away. Musty odors are a very telling sign of mold, so take steps to address the problem before the mold gets any worse.

    Water Stains

    For the most part, a large percentage of mold problems are hidden. This is extremely problematic, since it means the mold can grow unabated and spread like a wildfire, requiring much more extensive (and expensive) mold remediation efforts. If you spot water stains on your walls or ceilings, this is an indication of hidden water damage and is most often accompanied by mold. A mold testing company can inspect the area behind the stain to look for mold.

    Mold Growth

    The most obvious sign of a mold problem in your home is the visible growth of mold. However, even if the growth is contained to a single area and doesn’t appear to be very large, you should still schedule a full mold inspection to make sure mold spores haven’t spread to other areas of your home.