The Warning Signs of a Home Mold Problem

Many people live in a home with mold and never realize it. Although some types of mold are relatively harmless in low levels, all molds can cause adverse health effects, with some even causing serious disease and even death for certain people who are exposed to them. That’s why it’s important that you learn to recognize the warning signs of mold in your home so you can contact a mold testing company in San Francisco right away before the problem gets any worse and affects your health or the health of your family. Schedule professional mold remediation if you recognize any of the following warning signs.

Musty Odors Mold Problem

Your five senses can be very helpful in detecting a mold problem in your home, none more so than your sense of smell. If you recognize an unmistakably musty odor in your home, or even in a specific room or section of your home, schedule most testing right away. Musty odors are a very telling sign of mold, so take steps to address the problem before the mold gets any worse.

Water Stains

For the most part, a large percentage of mold problems are hidden. This is extremely problematic, since it means the mold can grow unabated and spread like a wildfire, requiring much more extensive (and expensive) mold remediation efforts. If you spot water stains on your walls or ceilings, this is an indication of hidden water damage and is most often accompanied by mold. A mold testing company can inspect the area behind the stain to look for mold.

Mold Growth

The most obvious sign of a mold problem in your home is the visible growth of mold. However, even if the growth is contained to a single area and doesn’t appear to be very large, you should still schedule a full mold inspection to make sure mold spores haven’t spread to other areas of your home.