Actions to Take After a Sewage Spill

If your sewer line becomes backed up or broken, you could be at risk of experiencing a sewage spill in your home. Raw sewage is extremely hazardous to your health, so it is highly important to take all of the steps needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. Immediately following the spill, you should be sure to avoid contact with any contaminated areas. This may mean that you will need to vacate your house. In addition, you should also make sure to dispose of any items and materials that have come into contact with sewage water. In order to make sure that your home has been completely cleared of your sewage problem, you may want to set up bacteria testing serving San Francisco . With the help of a highly rated company offering asbestos testing and mold inspection, you can prevent bacteria and mold symptoms from becoming a hazard in your home.

Bacteria Testing Serving San Francisco