Where You Might Find Mold in Your Kitchen

Mold, which can severely affect your air quality in San Francisco , can show up anywhere in your home, including your kitchen. You may notice mold growing when you have left something in the refrigerator too long. While this kind of growth may be somewhat common, it should never be allowed because it can still affect your health through the air quality in your kitchen and refrigerator.

Mold simply needs the right food, warm air, and moisture to grow. These needs can be easily met within a kitchen. If your kitchen is often humid, possibly from steaming pots, then you may attract mold. Mold could be growing under your cupboards or in between appliances located around the stove. This should be cleaned up and discouraged from growing as it can affect the air quality while cooking over a stove. Be aware that mold can also grow in your sink drain. This is the perfect environment for mold growth, and you may quickly notice a change in the smell and air quality every time you pass by the sink. Consult your air quality professionals and remediation experts to remove the mold growth.

Mold in Your Kitchen