Tips for Hiring an Indoor Air Quality Testing Company Before Starting Your Remodel

Before your home remodeling in San Francisco begins, it is best to schedule a test of your indoor air quality . Testing air quality, especially before your home is torn up for a remodel, can prevent and address possible problems, such as asbestos and mold. Hiring the right air quality testing company can guarantee you have a safe home remodel process and safe air to breathe. Continue reading for 4 essential tips to help you hire the right air quality testing company.

Tip #1: Ask for recommendations. Air Quality Testing

It is always best to ask for recommendations no matter what type of service you are want for your home. Just as you would ask friends and family for home remodeling company recommendations, you should also ask about air quality testing companies. Consider asking your remodeling company, before they begin their work, if they have recommendations on trustworthy indoor air quality testing companies.

Tip #2: Request certifications.

When you have a sufficient list of potential air quality companies to call, you can start narrowing it down by asking for certifications. Testing your indoor air quality requires specialized equipment, training, and accredited labs to analyze the results. Your air quality company should have the necessary certifications to perform the job correctly for you.

Tip #3: Investigate turnaround time.

As your home remodel start date looms closer, you need to know that your air quality can be tested quickly and efficiently enough so you can have potential problems addressed. Trusting the right air quality company means getting the results back in a timely and professional manner, with enough time to remediate any problems.

Tip #4: Focus on testing companies.

It is best to look for an air quality testing company that focuses solely on air quality testing. These companies will have no hidden agendas, and they will provide the honest truth about your home’s air quality. If there are no problems with your air quality, then your testing company will be honest with you, because they have nothing to gain from lying.