Should You Have Air Quality Tested Before a Renovation?

The summer season has arrived, and many homeowners are choosing to embark on seasonal home renovation projects. When you are embarking on a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you may want to schedule indoor air quality testing with a company that serves the San Francisco area.

Indoor air quality testing is an essential part of the renovation process. By taking the time to inspect the air quality of your indoor spaces, you can make sure that you are not creating a health or safety hazard when you remodel your home. For example, your inspector can check for black mold, asbestos, and a variety of other toxic substances. If an indoor air quality issue is exposed, you will be able to schedule a remediation that will allow you to fix the issue at the source. A company that offers air quality testing will be able to provide you with peace of mind before you get started on a renovation or construction project.

Air Quality Tested Before a Renovation