Should You Test Your Home for Lead?

Lead poisoning can lead to a number of serious health risks. Lead paint testing is always a good idea, particularly if you have small children. This is because young children tend to put objects and fingers in their mouths, increasing their risk of lead exposure. Lead paint removal is also essential if you or a loved one is pregnant, since lead poisoning can cause serious harm to a developing fetus.

There are other reasons why you might call a lead paint removal company serving San Francisco. Homes that were built prior to 1950 almost always require lead paint removal. Those that were built before 1978 are also more likely to feature lead paint. It’s particularly important to test a home that has peeling or chipping paint, and a home that you plan to repaint or otherwise renovate. Even if you’re certain that your home does not feature lead paint, you may need to work with a lead removal company. If your home is close to a freeway, exhaust from leaded gasoline may have increased the lead content of the soil.

Lead Paint Testing San Francisco