Lead Services from Safe Air Fast

Lead Poisoning in San Francisco In years past, paint and other building materials often contained lead. Until 1978, lead was a common ingredient in many types of paints and varnishes. Today, it is recognized that lead is an extremely toxic and dangerous substance. Lead poisoning can lead to health problems in the brain and central nervous system. To protect your family against lead poisoning, it is a great idea to schedule a lead paint removal service .

At Safe Air Fast, we provide lead paint removal in San Francisco. Along with our lead removal and mold remediation services, we also offer asbestos testing and removal. When our technicians visit your home, we will perform a comprehensive lead based paint survey. If lead paint is detected, we will safely remove all contaminated paint from your property. By removing lead based paint from your home, you will help to ensure the health and well being of yourself and your loved ones.