The Dangers of Lead Paint

The U.S. Product Safety Commission banned the use of lead-based paint in houses and public buildings in 1977. Unfortunately, there were no such rules or regulations that required homes and buildings that already contained lead-based paint to receive any type of abatement. That’s why it’s important for anyone who lives or works in a building that dates prior to 1977 schedule lead-based paint testing. Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of lead paint, testing for lead-based paints, and why you need to hire a certified lead abatement professional to remove any lead substances found in your home or business.

If you’re at all concerned about lead exposure in your home or business, contact an environmental testing company in San Francisco and schedule a lead inspection as soon as possible. Lead testing will reveal the presence of this deadly metal in your home or business, at which time you can seek out lead abatement to protect your family or your employees and customers. For immediate residential or commercial lead testing in the Bay Area , call Safe Air Fast at (916) 459-1069.