Why Hire a Company that Only Does Air Quality Inspection? [Infographic]

You may not usually give much thought to the air you breathe inside your home, but there are pollutants that could be harming you and your family without you even knowing it. Homes built before 1983 could have asbestos, which can lead to difficulty breathing, lung scarring, and cancer. Lead paint was used widely in residential homes before 1978, and lead is toxic to both humans and animals. Symptoms of mold exposure in San Francisco include allergies, sore throats, memory loss, and other serious issues. Instead of putting your health at risk, hire a company that performs just air quality inspections. In addition to having the expertise to get the job done right, this type of company will have no conflict of interest, as they will have nothing to gain from altering your results. Check out this infographic to learn more about hiring an air quality inspection company. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

Does Air Quality Inspection