Lead Paint and Your Health

Lead paint can be extremely problematic for men, women, and especially children, which is why you should consider having a lead survey done on your home to detect the presence of lead. Federal regulations didn’t restrict the use of lead paint until 1978, meaning many older homes still have it. You should strongly consider lead testing near San Francisco to see whether or not lead is present in your home. Here are some of the ways that lead paint can affect those in your family.

Health Hazards for Children
If lead paint or lead dust is present, your children could be very susceptible to the dangers of lead exposure. This is Lead Survey Near San Francisco because children’ nervous systems are typically more sensitive than adults’ nervous systems. Lead exposure can lead to kidney damage, behavioral and learning problems, stunted growth, and hearing issues in children.

Health Hazards for Adults
While adults are less prone to experience lead poisoning than small children, they can still feel the effects of lead exposure. Lead exposure can lead to high blood pressure, memory problems, muscle and joint pain, nervous system disorders, fertility issues, and more in adults.

Health Hazards for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women should never be exposed to lead. If lead enters their systems, they can pass it along to their unborn babies. This can lead to premature births, brain and nervous system damage, and lower birth weights. Lead exposure can also cause permanent damage to babies.

Protecting Your Family
The only way to know if your home has lead inside of it is to have a lead survey done. A lead paint test can determine whether or not the interior and exterior of your home was ever painted with lead. If it was, you can then decide how to treat the walls of your home accordingly to prevent lead poisoning from taking place. It’s very important to test for lead before it is too late.