Important Information about Lead Paint Poisoning

The story of lead paint goes back thousands of years, when early civilizations discovered how useful the heavy metal was. In the 19 th century, lead was added to paint (especially exterior paint) because of its strength, durability, and the way it enhanced the paint’s color and performance. Unfortunately, lead exposure can have numerous damaging effects on the body. In adults, it is not uncommon to experience emotional symptoms such as aggressiveness. In high doses, lead poisoning can cause coma and even death. The real danger is when children are exposed to lead paint poisoning, as low levels can cause long-term developmental issues, including brain defects.

Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of lead paint poisoning. If your home or commercial building uses lead paint, contact a lead paint removal company in San Francisco . And if you aren’t sure about the type of paint on your home or business, a lead paint testing company can find out. Lead paint removal can be dangerous, so leave it to a professional.